Tengelic Biber: The military will have no choice but to clear the square and squash future protests.

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I like long walks on burning coals, and watching the beautiful glow of a burning building. I also like the zoo, even if it's the worst on in America, and i like the circus. I dream of being the bearded lady someday. i live on my own, i have my shit together. i love responsible people and people who arerespectful. i can identify liars and fake people uick. if i dont like you, i will let you know, but im diverse, so i get along with all people 3...most of the time... I am 18. I love comics. Caterpillars are my favorite animal. I hate lemonade and indecisiveness. I love gaming. I love old school stuffs. I love trippy videos online and longboarding. I am german,l slavic, and russian. Born and raised in germany. I WORSHIP bop it and anything 90s related. i LOVE HUGS! I'm friggin awesome. And confident. And part caterpillar. I have an obsession with saying things that make no sense. I get critisized for my piercings..idiots I love music and hanging out I text too much. I despise hot weather I love booze. I love biting I don't understand country music I hate waiting in long lines I love snow. I love to cook, Especially for a significant other I love kissing. I once had an epic mohawk that caused all other mohawks to bow down to it. I hate mind games, if you like me good. If not, dont mess with my head. I'm pretty, yes. But I have a very awesome mind as well. And if you dont, don't bother with me. I don't take life seriously, it's too short. I hate clingy people, so if you are a spider monkey, please keep walking. I live my life the way i want, I won't talk hit about yours if you don't talk about mine. I'm very random. I think I may have ADD, but who cares. Attention spans are overrated, just like sliced bread. MC chris is my hero, along with seth green, johnen vasquez, zach galifinakis, tim burton, and angus oblong. im my own unique individual. SCREW societies expectations for the average ornormal steryotype. SERIOUS emails only

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