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Hey guys, Does size matter? Are you interested in HWP or is BBW more your cup of tea? Mainly just curious....I see so many BBW's these days, and yet so many ads stating NO BBW's. Why are you even asking this? You pretty much answered yourself, didn't you? And what makes a BBW in your mind 10 extra pounds....20...50...?? Pick a random ad in here ... any woman who is obviously huge, unhealthy, and looks like she ate her last date is a BBW, but you know what? There is absolutely NOTHING beautiful about it. And what about you it ok for you to be overweight by 50 pounds....but still you don't or won't go out with anyone who isn't HWP? And what about you women? All I see are huge, just plain fat women wanting a cowboy or someone 6' tall, etc.. I go running every day after work. I hate every single minute of it. I do situps, pushups, ride my bike .... and I hate it. But I also wear a size 32 waist and still look like I am in my early 20s, and I turned 40 in June. A little effort and these fat ladies would be a lot healthier, and LOT more attractive, and probably would snag that cowboy or 6' gentleman they are searching for.

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