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Up front I'm looking for a RELATIONSHIP. I can get laid. Easily. If all I wanted was sex I wouldn't include any information regarding my personality. Actually, I wouldn't even need to include words. Just so everyone's on the same page these are words. I can have a good night even if it doesn't end in sex, and I'm looking for someone who's that at peace with themselves as well. Now that that's out of the way... I want you to now that I'm not actually all that bitter. Recently though, I've been making the mistake of emotionally investing myself in guys who only want me for one thing. If that is what you want, then that's great, but there's an entire section of Chirrup devoted to it. This is not it. Okay now it's actually out of the way. Promise. Now for the info. I'm pretty tall. I can reach the top shelf of ANYTHING! I'm a giant nerd. I like video games, I spend unearthly amounts of time watching cartoons including anime, and spend even more unearthly amounts of time reading. I can't remember the last time I actually finished a book though. I like being outside. As long as it isn't raining fire and brimstones. I hate the heat. HATE IT! I'm not horrendously interested in politics. They're more irritating to my live and let live philosophy than anything in the world. I'm introverted. People just don't get me. I'm off the walls crazy. I can laugh at absolutely nothing for unreasonable amounts of time. I'm also a little inflammatory. Food and grammar are my passions. I'm currently fighting a neverending war with my laundry. I'm super overdramatic about everything. Not bad, soapopera drama, I'm just really loud all the time, and like to put emphasis on EVERY WORD in a SENTENCE! I generally tend to think that whatever I'm saying at any given moment is the most interesting bit of information in the universe, and I want to do it justice. I liked Firefly, and am sad that it was canceled. I also recently got into Star Trek, but feel that I need someone to watch it

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